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Eascotel provides a seamless multi-channel, multi-platform business hub for corporate partners and clients alike. Through our extensive network and services available, we are able to connect all parties within our business hub to achieve all levels of cooperation, with unlimited scope for further business development.

 Choosing the right channel and platform is vital to success, we provide multi-channel gateways to effective platforms.

Available MarketPlaces

With Eascotel eHubs TP thirdpartner service, we provide effective solutions for companies wishing to step in or step up their eCommerce presence. The scope of eHubs services covers marketplace product listing, online store construction, product optimization, digital marketing promotion, data analysis, distribution channels, pick n’pack warehousing logistics, customer service and more. When compared to companies running on traditional businesses models, we have apparent cost and efficiency advantages in all aspects of eCommerce operations, and all these resources, experience and business connection are rapidly shared among our partners and clients.

some of our clients

Our clients reflect the level of service we can provide. We aim to achieve long-term cooperation through bonding and trust, to fully build up a business ecosystem that all can benefit from.

eascotel Services & Subsidiaries

e.Hubs Merchant Plans

Multi-channel and multi-platform business hub, provides diversified marketing strategies and services for companies expanding into eCommerce field.


In partnership with HGC Global Communications Limited, HGCmore is a one-stop online shopping platform serving over 300,000 households.


Located at D.Park in partnership with HTC, the official VIVELAND is our foray into VR education, entertainment and development territory.


HKWalker based in Hong Kong and is committed to the development of local and roaming data calling card services. It also looks forward to developing overseas markets and providing up-to-date travel information.

Smart Vendings

Smart Vendings smart vending machine came into operation in 2017 Q2. We aim to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to the world, enhancing industry and everyday life alike for years to come.


No more costly roaming fee. You can always enjoy high-speed 4G network connection covering 100+ countries. Business can push advertisements to mobile users based on their user profile.

O2O Solutions

We provide a full range of system implementation, customization and support services enabling clients to leverage and apply speedy deployment to achieve sustainable growth in business.

HKWalker Travel

HKWT is the travel branch of Eascotel, providing special offers on hotel accomendation, travel tickets, travel packages, theme park ticketing and resturant promotions, both local and abroad.


Sendo offers a diverse range of quality food and beverages from all over the world, we strive to provide you the best online food ordering experience, with fast delivery to boot.


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