The Group

About Easco Telecommunications Limited

Easco Telecommunications Limited (“Eascotel”) is a member of the Easco Holdings Limited Group. We are committed to providing comprehensive eCommerce and thirdpartner services to companies at every level.
Our multi-channel and multi-platform business hub, built on years of experience, provide customers with diversified marketing strategies to satisfy clients’ expectations for expanding into eCommerce field.
Eascotel is committed to planning the future and transcending today’s business model. Seamless multi-channel and multi-platform hub, not limited to online and Marketplace development, we also operate smart vending platforms, VR virtual reality theme park, travel services, IT R&D and SI projects, all these business models are woven into a huge business ecosystem for cooperation, where partners and customers discover an endless scope for expansion.
Our vision is to build a business ecosystem that can benefit the whole of society, for businesses of all scales, and customers of all types.
In that sense our mission is rather simple: putting visions into reality. Every minute we resolve obstacles, every moment we create value, and with every day, we strive to build the future.

The Group History


VIVELAND x E.R Studio Official Launch

3Live Box Official Launch

E.R Studio Education Official Launch

e.Hubs Official Launch


Marketplace and Online Retail Expansion

Corporate Partnership Expansion


IoT Stage
Smart Vending Venture Begins


Online Migration Stage
DcOne & Suntec Online HKWalker Online Established


Telcom Dealer & Franchise Stage
Franchise 3 Shops & Postpaid Dealership


Retail Chainstore Stage
Establishment of DcOne, Easco Outlet and Roadshow


Distributor Stage
Tagra, Kodak media, Razor gaming products


Trading Stage
Hardware trading, Microsoft, IBM certified partners


Easco Company founded