The Solution

In recent years vending machines are sophisticated enough to handle various payment gateways, dispense hundreds of items, operate 24/7, and can be accessed online for real-time monitoring and sales report. At Eascotel, we go way beyond. Our aim – To build a complete and sustainable O2O ecosystem.


We have developed a solution platform that creates an ecosystem connecting each partner in a vast network. This ecosystem creates value for all parties from different market sectors by engaging more consumers, simplifying operating processes, and opening up unlimited flexibilities and possibilities in a vending environment.

Eascotel offers a comprehensive range of vending solution hardware. intelligent vending machines and payment kiosks. Our SVMs can be connected through a local area network, over Wi-Fi or over mobile network.

We support unlimited system expansion by offering both existing and tailored API system integration services. Our proprietary cloud based backend software framework is designed to provide an abstraction layer between the operating system and application with industry standard interfaces for rapid integration and speedy deployment.

SVMs Locations

EascoTel Smart Vendings (‘SVMs’) locate at the MTR stations, shopping centres, large-scale residential estates, covering the busiest section of Hong Kong. We are always expanding the network to cover the most convenient spots within your reach. Locations Details

Internet of things (IoT)

Our SVMs is connected to the cloud, being capable of handling both physical and non-physical products

Online-to-Offline (O2O)

Machines and kiosks, cloud platform, web and APP all together to form a true O2O ecosystem


A wide range of popular payment gateways are integrated to reduce the development hurdles and to suit specific business needs

Human Vision Component (HVC)

Human vision component is mounted onto the SVMs, enabling age/gender/expression estimation

Big Data

Market intelligence being collected through the seamless O2O operating flow. Data are analyzed upon, to identify trends & patterns for business planning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbot is implemented onto our SVMs, allowing for highly engaging, conversational, yet automated retail experiences

Cloud Based Framework

All vending functionality and features are developed as plugins for quick integration.

Support Multi Retail Format

Support both physical and virtual, and are capable of offering timely discounts.

Advertising Channel

Support comprehensive advertising formats, whether video ads or product sample dispenser.

O2O Market Tools

Gift redemption, coupon distribution, pick-up point, interactive game, whatever you can image.

Remote Management

Monitor real-time sales report, inventory and machine health data.

And More…

Ticketing, redemption, bill payment, mobile apps integration are being offered to envision a true vending ecosystem.

a Cloud Based Framework

We have developed the Service Management Console (SMC), which is an integral part of all vending machines being offered.

Service Management Console (SMC)

Provide real-time sales report, inventory and machine health data

Support unlimited system expansion by offering API system integration services

Solutions such as ticketing, redemption, bill payment are offered helped by popular payment gateways integrated

Support Multi Retail Formats

Powered by the Service Management Console (SMC), where all functionality and features are developed as plugins. This enables our machines and kiosks being capable of handling both physical and non-physical products, e.g. game points, online top up services.

Advertising Channel

We have developed a media control and monitoring platform that creates to control and plan forward all media in a vast network. A more detailed advertising rate card is available upon request. Get Quote.

O2O Market Tools

SVMs are effective marketing tools by creating multiple physical locations for redemption programs fulfillment. SVMs can work seamlessly with cross-platform offer programs from partner & dealer sites.

Remote Inventory & Advertising Management


EascoTel has developed the Service Management Console (SMC). It includes data cloud storage. Data e.g. inventory, in/out of stock, ads materials, are easily manageable online, to efficiently identify trends and patterns for further business planning.

Thermal Movement Tracking For Market Intelligence

In the era of Big Data, challenges include the capturing of data, data analysis, transfer, querying, updating and information privacy. We are implementing next generation sensor units into our smart vending machines to capture relevant data effectively.

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Easco Smart Vendings operate as an O2O sales and marketing platform.

Cooperation and partnership are welcome, please drop us a line for further discussion.

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