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Smart Vendings is a subsidiary of Easco Telecommunications Limited (“Eascotel”, ), specialising in O2O vending solution. Our smart vending machines are equipped with LCD displays, which can display promotional videos, offer physical and virtual products, enable offering promotional discounts and offline redemption, and accept different payment methods. We also have a real-time cloud inventory system that can help you monitor the performance of the machines at any given time of the day.

Smart Vendings pictures the brand-new concept of O2O vending which allows customers to purchase or redeem physical and virtual products conveniently through an unattended self-checkout facility. Benefit from our next generation vending machine technology, bonus point, membership, interactive campaign and other wide range of applications connecting with vending come true.

Smart Vendings Features

Central Cloud Management
Our central system has full control over the situation of every single smart vending machine through cloud updates. This allows us to achieve timely replenishment and maintenance.
Gift & Coupon Redemption
It allows users to easily redeem sample, gift and coupon obtained from online channels e.g. website, APP, campaign program via offline vending QR code scanning.
Cloud Inventory Mangement

Users can log into our back-end system to track sales performance and manage inventory pricing and discounts to improve operational efficiency. Overcoming the hard time collecting real-time data from traditional retailing and ad channels.


We have created a sizable platform for advertisers to target their ideal potential customers. Advertisers can choose exactly which area, industry or segments to aim their marketing strategies at.

More Retail Format Support
Our smart vending machines support diversified products, both physical and virtual, and are capable of offering timely discounts.
Interactive User Experience
Smart vending machines deliver fun shopping experience. It can accommodate videos, interactive advertisement and games through touch-screen monitors. Customers can also enjoy occasional discounts.
Interactive Large Display

Enable discount and combo deals on vending machines, play promotional videos, display product details.

Total Payment Solution

A wide range of payment methods are made available on our vending machines, including Octopus, credit card, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Smart Vendings Locations

Easco smart vendings currently locate at the MTR stations, shopping centres, large-scale residential estates, covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories. We are always expanding the network to cover the most convenient spots within your reach.

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