EascoTel Smart Vendings – Ecosystem

The O2O Ecosystem

In the core of our solution is a cloud based framework, where all functionality and features are developed as plugins. This enables our machines and kiosks being capable of handling both physical and non physical products, have comprehensive advertising and interactive capabilities, allow custom made IT solutions for different industry sectors, and can be truly considered as multi capable business tools.

An Ecosystem That Grows With Your Business

Our proprietary vending solutions is not limited to provide remote management and monitoring functions, we provide and develop functions well beyond real-time sales report, inventory and machine health data. Solutions such as ticketing, redemption, bill payment, mobile apps integration are now being offered to envision a true vending ecosystem.

An Array Of Peripherals To Suit Specific Needs

Our cloud based framework is designed to reduce the development hurdles in building device functions, while shortening the time required to connect and communicate through the cloud. Our SVMs can be connected through a local area network, over Wi-Fi or over mobile network. Our machines are made rugged, are purpose-built to withstand mechanical and temperature stress, to provide reliable service to protect your investment.

Support Unlimited System Expansion

We support unlimited system expansion by offering both existing and tailored API system integration services. Multiple gateways enable online-to-offline, machine-to-machine communications to offer unprecedented flexibility to form a true ecosystem. Our proprietary cloud based back end software framework is designed to provide an abstraction layer between the operating system and application with industry standard interfaces for rapid integration and speedy deployment.

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