Why SEO is important for eCommerce

Why SEO is important for eCommerce

 Affected by the epidemic, economic and social uncertainties, Hong Kong’s local spending on advertising has dropped by 21% in 2020, the second worst performing region in Asia. Traditional advertising media has been severely hit, down by as much as 30%.

On the contrary, online advertising spending has increased by 8%. The biggest reason is that many merchants wish to develop e-commerce as soon as possible and increase exposure through online advertising. Online advertising is highly flexible and can be adjusted in a timely manner in response to market conditions.

Learning online advertising should start with SEO (search engine optimisation).

“Search engine optimization” is the process of “optimizing” your website so that Google assesses it favourably and ranks it higher in “search” results.

You can appear in Google search results with target keywords, content, and multimedia.

Traffic Creates Sales and SEO Creates Natural Traffic

  • more than 60% of shoppers say that their online searches play an important role in making the final purchase decision.
  • search engines, like Google, have become highly influential sources to drive traffic.
  • visitors who have accessed your platform with natural searches have a real interest in your products.

SEO can build credibility and trust.

  • internet users respect organic search results more than something that was paid to be in front of them.
  • if your eCommerce website is a highly authoritative platform, with SEO, you can elevate your website’s position in the organic search result. You will gain high visibility and customer trust.

E-commerce SEO Offers Long-Term Benefits

  • Sponsored or banner ads can bring website traffic however they will be costly for you when you have a tight budget. SEO is your lifesaver to keep up the consistent traffic flow, sales and profit.