Key points to learn about Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Key points to learn about Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

TVP aims to support local enterprises/organisations in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. Cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise/organisation is HK$600,000 and up to 6 projects per enterprise/organisation.

  • At present, under the definition adopted by the SAR Government, a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is any manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong, or any non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.


  • Applicants must have a substantial business in Hong Kong and operate for at least one year, and the project must be related to the business. For example, a company that develops an online store needs an ERP (Enterprise Resource Management Program).


  • Funding up to $600,000 for each eligible entity will be provided on a 3:1 matching basis. The applicant must contribute no less than one fourth of the total approved project cost in cash. In other words, funding of no more than threefourths of the actual project cost will be provided to an applicant.


  • The TVP supports projects that adopt technological services and solutions which could improve productivity, or upgrade or transform the business processes of the applicant. Related new equipment/hardware/software and other assets can be funded. The project deliverables should be used in a way that would have direct impact on the applicant's business operation in Hong Kong.


  • No specific technology service and/or solution is being targeted. Typical technology services and/or solutions like CRM system, automated marketing system, accounting, inventory management or client management solution can be covered by TVP. Normal business operating costs e.g. marketing and branding expense will not be funded by TVP.


  • The purpose of TVP is to use technology solutions to achieve operational upgrades. Simply using this programme to buy hardware equipment such as computers will not be approved.


  • Applicants should ensure that all procurement for goods and services (including technology consultancy and project auditing) are carried out in an open, fair and competitive manner and the appointment of reasonable qualified suppliers or service providers.


  • To ensure proper focus on project implementation, an entity is not allowed to undertake more than one TVP project at the same time. Applicants shall not receive funding support from other local public funding sources on the same project.  Each project should normally be completed within 12 months.